About Us

American College of Healthcare Executives (“ACHE”) of Northern Ohio is a professional organization of over 500 healthcare executives who represent a variety of healthcare institutions and interests in Northeast Ohio. ACHE of Northern Ohio is an independent chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the only healthcare executive network serving Northeast Ohio.  ACHE of Northern Ohio was founded in 1990 and is continually evolving in response to the changes within the healthcare industry. 

Our organization…

  •   Provides an educational forum supporting professional growth and development in healthcare management and related fields. 
  •   Promotes educational programs on healthcare management issues, processes, techniques, and information. 
  •   Provides opportunities for networking with colleagues throughout the region. 
  •   Stimulates interest to improve methods of healthcare management and administration. 
  •   Evaluates critical healthcare issues in Northeast Ohio 
  •   Promotes membership and advancement in the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). 
  •   Promotes the code of ethics as defined by ACHE. 
  •   Promotes ACHE educational programs and support of local ACHE programming.

Mission of ACHE of Northern Ohio

To be the preeminent organization in Northern Ohio for the advancement of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving health.